Who is StorageBids™ and why should we use your system to bid or sell?!

The team behind StorageBids™ has two key components... we are passionate technology driven individuals that have over five decades of technology creation and delivery experience. We've worked with many Fortune 100, Fortune 500, & start-up companies in our time in the industry. In our combined five-decades worth of experience we have built some of today's most popular software tools on the enterprise market. In addition to our passion and love for technology, we are also avid abandoned storage unit bidders (some of us even have popular YouTube channels in the industry) and when we are not building software; we are also part-time and full time resellers.

So what does that mean to you? Plain and simple, we undertand why you are here and what it takes to be successful; both in the storage auction business, the reseller business, and in delivering state-of-the-art technology solutions and tools that will empower you to be more profitable.

The simple truth is that the storage auction systems are rigged to benefit the storage auction facilities. We know it's a taboo subject; because up until now there has been no real alternatives; but the simple truth is that the other storage auction systems simply over charge storage facilities and buyers on storage auctions. Before StorageBids™ there was not much that could be done on the topic; so we've compiled a team of veterans in the storage business; the reselleing business, and in technology to come up with a more unified and clear solution that makes it more profitable for both the storage facilities and the bidders first.

What we found is that creating management tools, charging lower fees to both the facilities and the buyers, and implementing better technological solutions resulted in a better and much more powerful solution for everyone!

Our focus and goal is to revolutionalize the abandoned storage unit auction industry and to deliver a more profitable solution to everyone, not just the storage auction facility.

We've even invented a few new things for the industry on both sides of the auction process:
  • NegativeBids™: When storage facilities have units that wont sell at any price; we've created a solution to be able to quickly and efficiently get those units emptied and cleaned out and back on the market for rent, fast!
  • SmartBids™: The one factor online auctions do not have; is the live auctioneer feel... We've created a revolutionary bid-intelligent solution that will adjust in hard-to sell situations. Like live auctioneers; the system will engage the bidders to drive up the price to increase your profits!
  • TrueBidView™: Use High Resolution images and Video to better promote your auctions. We will provide you with the necessary tools that will capture more vivrant and vivid listing media to better promote your units; and return higher profits.
  • ResellSpot™: We've created a suite of tools for resellers to better manage their newly found treasure! Pro plans include a Resellers inventory Management system that will enable you to easily manage and maintain your inventory and promote/sell on social media, eBay and other online merchants.
  • FeedbackPlus™: We all know that true social engagement is the better way to drive business; feedback systems also keep you honest. So Buyers will be able to rate facilities, facilities buyers and ensuring that we are all bettering the market on both sides of the auction block!
  • BidCRM™: A full customer relationship management solution is built right in! The means you can interact with the auction winners, the runner-up bidders and (for those that opt-in) you can market future promotions, auctions (both live and online) and more!
  • CancelTrust™: Provides bidders with peace of mind (and verification) that auction cancellations were due to bidders actually paying on their unit and not just the facility cancelling for personal reasons and/or higher profits!
  • IntelliChat™: Empowers bidders to communicate with other bidders after the auction finalizes to empower sales or better quality auctions. (Buy items from the winners of an auction in a unit, discuss their experience with the storage facility, network with other buyers to grow your reseller network, etc. (Note: Only available to users who opt-in to the feature.)).
  • LockerVu™: Does that auction look familiar? Feeling like you have Deja vu? Swear you saw or bid on it before? With LockerVu™ you will be able to see if the auction was previously bid on, if you had any interaction with it (i.e. bid and lost) or if it was sold and it was not picked up, abandoned again, etc. This enables you to bid smarter and not on recycled units and profit higher.

In addition to the tools above; StorageBids™ Mobile will enable sellers with a revolutionary solution to get your listings posted and live, quicker. Capture Images and Video in Real time right in the app and promote your listings effortlessly! Then track your profitability and engage with buyers much easier! For buyers, it will revolutionalize how you bid on auctions and will give you the perfect solution to never miss out on the auctions you want to try and win the most!

Those are just some of the exciting things we've been working hard to get to market and disrupt the storage auction space! We are excited to be able to successfully revolutionalize the storage auction market and we look forward to engaging with you!